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Cabinet Refinishing Vs Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Refinishing services. Servicing all of Suffolk County on Long Island NY.

Cabinet refinishing and Cabinet Painting are two very different services. I would not recommend someone to come paint your cabinets with house paint. House paint is just not quite durable enough. The product we use is a Urethane Acrylic and proves to be a much more superior product to a house paint. 

About 5 years ago we came to the realization that Long Island, specifically suffolk county did not have a premier cabinet refinishing or cabinet painting company here on the island. So we began to educate ourselves on the process. We are happy to report we have done countless jobs now and we now have a entirely seperate division devoted to cabinet refinishing here in suffolk county. 

Our Systems and Processes

Having a good system is everything when refinishing cabinets. The most important steps are the ones before any product gets laid down. The prep. Understanding how the chemicals in our products work and react when it comes to proper adhesion is the absolute most crucial mistake other contractors and homeowners make when refinishing there own cabinets. without proper preparation you can not have proper adhesion. Without proper adhesion you can not achieve longevity and durability and lets face it. Cabinets are a high traffic area. Don’t make the mistake of having someone without the proper systems and processes take on this challenge.

Why replace when you can refinish?

Replacing your cabinets can be a very expensive undertaking and can create a bit of a snowball effect. If you believe you have beautiful cabinets but just don’t love the color then calling us for a cabinet refinish is the way to go. For a fraction on the cost we can come in and spray out your beautiful cabinets to any color of your desire! We can get your cabinets looking brand new with a factory like finish. The idea is that no one will know you had your cabinets “painted” they will just assume that’s the way you bought them!


We refinish furniture as well!

Here is an awesome video!

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